About Father Son Locksmith Store - Install New Lock San Diego, CA


Father Son Locksmith Store locksmiths have been trusted in San Diego, CA for over 10 years now. All our locksmiths are skilled, talented and hold vast experience in the industry. They all carry valid IDs which they will display on demand. As an added measure of security, we have done a background check on them. That’s why you know that when you opt for our services, your lock and locksmith problems are in safe hands. 

Our locksmiths also go far beyond picking and opening locks in an emergency lockout and giving you re-entry. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and well experienced on all aspects of security for your home, automobile, and commercial premises. They have spent many years of study in the field. Even on completion of their studies and training programs, they still stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their locksmithing field by attending regular seminars and trade meetings.

That’s why many of our clients call our locksmiths over to study their premises or automobile vehicles and, get a professional assessment of how to improve the overall security level. Our locksmiths are reputed to make accurate assessments and give sound advice on what locks and devices need to be installed to improve security. They’ll even install all the locks and devices for you - at your home, your commercial premise, or where your vehicle is parked. 
All our professional locksmiths have profound knowledge of various types of locks, whether it is a sophisticated three star diamond grade six lever spring lock or just a padlock. They have a vast knowledge of how different types of locks operate and therefore know how to pick it open without damaging it, repair it, install it, rekey it and a lot more.

If you moved into a new home or commercial premise in San Diego, CA, you may decide that you want all your locks changed. We can do that for you. In fact we go one step further; we make a complete assessment of what’s needed today, to keep your premises secure. We then take a look at what are the latest developments in locking devices and only then do we make recommendations and do installations. Many of our recommendations will not only improve security levels, they may even lower the insurance premiums you pay for security. 

With a professional team at the helm and a state-of-the-art mobile locksmith fleet to aid them, Father Son Locksmith Store has become unstoppable in the San Diego, CA area and has earned the moniker as the go-to locksmith firm. Be it residential, automotive or commercial locksmith service, Father Son Locksmith Store can handle a wide variety of tasks with utmost precision. Give us a call today! 

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