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All over San Diego, CA, folks living in apartments, condos, townhouses, single family homes and other residences trust Father Son Locksmith Store. Residents here don’t take unnecessary risks with the security of their homes and families. They entrust that job to us and we make sure they can sleep soundly at night or go on a holiday without worrying about a break-in. Landlords often call us to open locks and evict tenants on whom they have served eviction notices. Homeowners call us to assess the security at their premises and install new locks and devices. Folks who have moved into a new home and want their locks changed trust us with it. Why? Father Son Locksmith Store has been around for 10 years and offers top-notch residential locksmith service in San Diego, CA area.

Father Son Locksmith Store always strives to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in the locksmith industry and provide our clients with the same. Father Son Locksmith Store’s team comprises of experts who can accurately assess the quality of your existing locks and suggest state-of-the art solutions to ensure your security. They are well versed with locking devices such as magnetic locks, , keyless entry locks, keypad locks, digital locks and more.

Our professional locksmiths are also adept at formulating master key systems for your residence. Master Keys are very useful when you have multiple locations or doors to open. Think of a master key as a single key that opens all your doors, and even a padlock. It can be more convenient than carrying a whole set of keys. When it comes to fixing broken locks, we have many years of experience. Often, there is no real need for a new lock; the old one, if properly repaired can function just as well. We can help you there. 

You can call us anytime of the day or night. We’re available 24 x 7, on weekdays, week-ends and even holidays. When you call you’ll get swift service because we have a whole fleet of mobile units fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment a locksmith could need. That’s a real blessing especially if you happen to give us an ‘emergency lockout’ call. We’ll come quickly and help you get re-entry into your home quickly, without damaging your valuable locks, doors or windows the way an ordinary handyman might.

Some of the services we render for residences are:Father Son Locksmith Store San Diego, CA 619-215-9096

  • 24/7 lock and locksmith assistance
  • Fleet of mobile vans for anytime, anywhere service
  • Strong points of presence across San Diego, CA
  • Security assessment, installation and maintenance of locks and devices
  • Re-entry help in emergency lockouts
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Emergency opening of doors, windows etc
  • Garage door lock installation services
  • Entry door repairs and replacements
  • Eviction locksmith services
  • Broken Key extraction
  • Advanced locking solutions for homes
  • Home key duplication service
  • Master key creation
  • Mailbox lock installation and repair
  • Peephole installation

At Father Son Locksmith Store, our residential locksmith experts are very skilled at repairing or changing locks, deadbolts or cylinders. Need a new safety chain? They’ll advice you on the best. Need a master key made – one key that will open all the different rooms in the apartment building that you own? We’ve made many of those for landlords of apartment buildings and condos. No matter what the need our team of residential locksmiths will provide apt service and ensure maximum client satisfaction.

If you thought quality services always came at a heavy price, then you could never be more wrong. All our residential locksmith services are carried out at an extremely nominal rate making Father Son Locksmith Store the most affordable locksmith services firm in San Diego, CA area. Give us a call today.